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 Donation Name Donate Price  Discounted Donations Needed Sold Available Options
Give a night of comfort to a homeless person ! Item 1H $10 No Discount 30 0 30 Details
Titanium Member item #1 Camaro ,donation item.1B $199 No Discount 500 1 499 Details
Silver Member Item#1 Bracelet. .donation item 1C $99 No Discount 250 0 250 Details
Piper PA28 stc door handles donation item 1A $15 No Discount 250 2 248 Details
Garmin-Aera 796 donation item 1D $20 No Discount 250 1 249 Details
Titanium Sub. item #2 Custom Chopper ,donation item 2F $199 No Discount 250 0 250 Details


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