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NameYour slush fund for $1.00
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Started on04/26/2020
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This is a slush fund to help everyone. Join the fund for a minmum of $1.00/month. Money will be available to help ,when the fund builds up. Just apply. We are a 501 c 3 open charity.  This is not a raffle or a drawing. We need to help each other. Simply request the help you need and we'll try to spread as much funding around.

Add to this help fund-    ( look at our most current donations ) Donate to yourself ! The more people donate the more money is available. spread the word ! $1.00/month makes you eligble  to help yourself, your business, your bills ! Send an email with your description needs to




Notice to donors! Required----Send an email to with the following wording. I ______________donated ______________ this amount to American raffle foundation charity by____________________or with my credit card type/information _______________________ and understand and except their “No chargeback” donation policy. Dated___________________