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NameKIPP--Give a night of comfort to a homeless person ! Item 1H
Ticket Price$10
Total Tickets 30
Started on12/26/2018
Tickets Sold8

Give the homeless a night off!

It is very sad to see people begging in this wonderful United States of America as politicians give our tax payers money away and don't care about our homeless in this country.

You can at least make a difference. Your money is not going into a politicians hands but actually to a homeless person. What better reward for you to see a homeless person smile---It will be posted on the site.

It will cost $300.00 per person, for a hotel room, food, and some money in their pocket. Open your heart and donate and get a thank you from the person you helped and a smile.! Thumbs up-America !! Donate $10.00 through  item #1H--Note-discounted tickets require 2 

note---discounted tickets require two .

ARF's  "Developing Hope"  Thanks for being a special person !

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