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NameTitanium Sub. item #2 Custom Chopper ,donation item 2F
Ticket Price$199
Total Tickets 250
Started on03/10/2019
Tickets Sold0

This drawing is FREE with 250 donations of $199.00.  This is a Custom Chopper by Thunderstruck Custom bikes. This custom motorcycle is built by Mark Dailey and has won First place in the USA and Second place in the world bike build off in Sturgis. This is a 2005 custom chopper. Approx 1800 miles-beautiful condition. It is built on an extreme chassis, 48 degrees overall rake. It is powered by a 124 CI S/S V twin.Arlinness air cleaner, Jay brake controls, custom built wheels ( Ace of Spades) 240 rear tire. Open primary drive by BDL, with 6 speed trans. Trotta pipes (loud!) and Italian leather seat by "Bitchin Rich"in So. Calif. Paint is Midnight Black and Candy Red Metallic, Tribal flames. It is a croud pleaser and a trophy winner! This bike rides very well and stable. If you donate on this item send an e-mail to  stating the item # for your donation. FREE shipping in the USA--Excludes-Hawaii,Alaska--Great Odds 1-250--Replacement value $65,000. GOOD LUCK!! Note discounted tickets require 2

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